Grafkin Boris

Grafkin Boris Fyodorovich was born on August 15, 1937 in Baku. In 1953 he graduated from the Azerbaijan State Music School named after A. Zeynally. He began to work as a singer-vocalist at the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater in 1961.He has played in the role of "Mashabayi” at "Red Hat” by E.Sabitoghlu, Y.Shvarch, "Krot” at "Thumbelina” by H.C.Anderson, "Harun Ar-Rashid” at "Once upon a time in Baghdad” by E.Sabitoghlu, V.Kalmanovski, "Emperor” at "The Gypsy Band Leader” by E.Kalman, "Leopold” at "The Gypsy Princess” by E.Kalman, "Estregazy” at "Countess Maritza” by E.Kalman, "Rossilion, Zetta, Nikos” at "The Merry Widow” by Franz Lehar, "Linier” at "Mad Gasskonet” by Gara Garayev, "Napoleon” at "The Yankee Princess” by E.Kalman, "Collinely” at "Hello Dolly” by J.German, "Shterchel” at "Holland Girl” by E.Kalman, "Soltan Bay” at "Arshin Mal Alan” by U.Hajibayov, "Jeront” at "The Impostures of Scapin” by J.B.Molyer, "Pronya” at "Revenge in Paris”, "Vadim” at "18 years old” by Solovyov-Sedov, "Seyfulla” at " We are who we are” by F.Garayev, L. Vanstein, "Professor” at "My lovely Savage” by T.Hajiyev ably. He has directed a few peformances also:  "Red Hat” by E.Sabitoghlu, Y.Shvarch, "Adventures of rain mushroom” by Rashid Shafag, V. Zimin, "Playing a Happy Family Game or French Garner” (second director) by Mark Kamoletti, "The Impostures of Scapin” (second director) by J.B.Molyer. Boris Grafkin was honored with the title of Honored Artist in 2000 and "Taraggi Medal” in 2013.