Ibrahim Alizada

Ibrahim Alizade son of Zakir was born on May 22, 1993, in Baku. He received education in violin and vocal specialization at the Bulbul Central Music School. He is a graduate of Kharkov State Culture Academy in Ukraine (2011-2015). In 2010, he participated in the "People’s star" competition, showcasing his talent over a 7-weeks period on TV. In 2012, Ibrahim Alizade achieved 1st place in the International "DANS SONG FEST" competition among 15 countries, he got the title of "Best Song Performer." In 2016, he held a solo concert in Baku called "IBO SHOW," (consisting of Turkish songs).

Since 2017, Ibrahim Alizade has been working as an artist-vocalist at the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater. His performances in various plays, portraying intriguing characters, have been well-received by the audience. On the theater stage, he played roles such as Suleyman in "Arshin Mal Alan" by U.Hajibeyli, from there to here in "The little prience" by A.Ekzuperi and R.Agababayev, Priest Don Clod in "Dedication Paris Notr-Dame " by V.Hugo (libretto author and director S.Gulamov), Nadir in "Bride for five pounds " by S.Rustamov and M.S.Ordubadi, Jalil in "American son-in-law" by R.Mirishli and M.Hagverdiyev, Murad in "Baladadash’s wedding bath" by Elchin, and Military Commissar in "Close as a breath " by S.Gulamov. Currently, he is the performer of the roles of Bakhtiyar in the ongoing rehearsals of the play "Bakhtiyar" and Ibn Salam in the play "Leyli və Majnun" at the theater.

In March 2021, Ibrahim Alizade participated in the film "Sundu", dedicated to the remembrance of the March 31 Genocide Day.