Amrah Dadashov

Amrah (son of Balakhan) Dadashov was born on March 14, 1991 in Baku. In 2016, he graduated from Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts, majoring in "Acting Art". Since March 1, 2015, he has been working as a vocal artist-soloist in the Musical Theater. During the time he worked in the theater, he participated in various performances. Emrah Dadashov performed on the stage of the theater - Baladadash ("Baladadash's wedding bath", F. Allahverdi, Elchin), Khananda ("Husband and wife", Uzeyir Hajibayli), Suleyman ("Arshin mal alan", U. Hajibayli), Airplane ("The Little Prince" ”, R. Aghababayev, A.S. Exupery, staged by I. Fahmi), Quasimodo (“Dedication to Paris Notre-Dame”, V. Hugo, staged by S. Gulamov), Sarkis (“Haji Kara” by M.F. Akhundzada), Meshabayi (“The Red Hat " E. Sabitoglu, Y. Shvarts), Woodpecker ("The forest can't be without jackals" by A. Samadli), Bear ("Naughty chaps" by O. Zulfugarov, R. Heydar), Captain Nick ("Bremen musicians and Pen", A. Sadigov ), Homeland ("One breath" by S. Gulamov), etc.

Emrah Dadashov has acted in several films and TV series. In 2018, he played Aydin in the Iranian artistic film "Border" ("Wheat Harvest - Separation Song"), David in the film "Wine" (2019), Kamran in the TV series "Unforgotten Crimes" (2015), Gabil in the TV series "That Night" (2018), Nijat in the TV series "Defeated by Love" (2019), and Ilyas in the TV series "Flickering Lights" (2020). Additionally, in March 2021, he acted in the short artistic film "Sundu" (screenplay writer and director S. Gulamov), dedicated to the March 31 Genocide Memorial Day.