Ruslan Murselov

Ruslan Murselov –son of Aghaverdi was born on June 25, 1984 in Baku. In 1995 he worked as an actor at the "Körpem” experimental children's theater where he played different roles at "Dwarf and Ogre”, "Dentist”, "Long eared rabbit”. He graduated from high school in 2001 and served in the military service in 2002-2004. He studied at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art between 2005-2009 years. He worked as an actor at Baku Children Theatre established on the basis of "Körpem” experimental theatre. In this theatre he acted in the leading roles at "Motherland”, "Shrek and his friends”, "Shungulum, Shengulum, and Mangulum”, "Sarkhan’s evil game’, "Tears of Khashkhash” peformances. He has also been on tours to Iran, Turkey, and Georgia with "Körpem” theatre. He is working in the position of soloist-vocalist at the Azerbaijan State Musical Theater since 2012. He has appeared at "Jealous Hearts", at "Banker Fiancé”, at "Sleeping Beauty and Seven Dwarves”, at "American Son-in-law”, ” at "Whereas I am old, I am worth to thousand young”, at "House and Wife”, at "Gold Wedding” and "Red Hat” peformances.