Haydarova Yuliya

Haydarova Yuliya Igorievna was born on March 7, 1979, in Baku. In 1998 she entered the faculty of solo singing of Baku Music Academy, and in 2002, she completed her bachelor's degree (in the class of Azerbaijani people's artist Natavan Sheikhova). In the same year, she entered the magistracy and, in 2004, graduated from the course of the People's Artist of the USSR Professor Fidan Gasimova.

E. Obraztsova, Atlantov, Cord, Gergiev, V. Tolkunov, Bischu, M. Freni, Grayer, I.Pyavko, Nesterenko, Milovic, M. Donald and others) to make progress on herself. She was awarded the first place in the international competitions "Rodney shower" and "Ruskaya Pesnya"(Russian Song) in Russia in 2000.









In 2008-2010, she studied postgraduate studies at the Baku Music Academy (Fidan and Khuraman Gasimova's class).

Yuliya Haydarova is laureate of republican and international festivals, has always dignified herself at various international events. She has participated in Bulbul (Azerbaijan), Glinka (Russia), Monuyoshko (Poland), Tchaikovsky (Russia), Boris Khristov (Bulgaria), Leyla Gencer (Turkey), Ivanov (Russia), and other festivals.

She has also provided solo concerts in Turkey, Russia, Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia over the years. The talented actress took some classes from (I.Arkhipova, G. Vishnevskaya, 

İn 2000, the talented vocal artiste was admitted to the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater as an artist-vocalist. During the time her carrier, she was Elena at "Two witches” by A. Alizade, R. Sef, and A. Karalina; Thumbelina at "Thumbelina” by H.C.Anderson; Zarri at "The Gypsy Band Leader” I.Kalman, Rabbit and red hat at "Red Hat” by E.Sabitoghlu, Y.Shvarch, Golden dwarf at "Golden Dwarf” by V.Orlov, V.Ulanovski; Maritsa at "Countess Maritza” by I. Kalman, Stassi at "The Gypsy Princess” by I. Kalman; Nuf-nuf at "Stop, for the moment, monster” by R.Aghayeva, A. Kurlyanski, A. Khayt,  Brattice Liasic at "Adventures of rainbow mushroom” by R. Shafag; V. Zimin, Gulchohra at "Arshin mal alan” by U.Hajibayli; Rosanna at "Mad Gasskonet” by Gara Garayev; Suzanne at "French Garner” by Mark Kamoletti; Gisinta at "The Impostures of Scapin”;  Mikhey at "Golden Wedding” by O. Kazimi; R.Heydar, Pari Fauna at "Sleeping Beauty and Seven Dwarfs” by Sh.Pero; Natavan and Lala at "Caucasian niece” by R.Hajiyev, Cookie at "Adventures of Cookie” (Russian Folk Tale); Zuleykha at "Once upon a time in Baghdad” by Emin Sabitoghlu Vitaly Kolmanski.