Khasiyev Samadzadeh

Khasiyev Samadzadeh – son of Nadir has played in the several performances in the different roles. Here is the list of them: "Fakhri” at "Keep your hands in your pocket” by O.Rajabov, A.Babayev, "Fagan” at "The fraudsters” by S.Alasgarov, I.Malikzadeh, "Gangster Gulmammed” at "Whereas I am old, I am worth to thousand young” by F. Sujaddinov, T. Valiyeva, "Macedon” at "Jealous Hearts" by R. Mirishli, M.Hagverdiyev, "First Servant” at "Beggar son of millionaire Father” by S. Alasgarov, Sh.Gurbanov, "Gusiq” at "Aunt Masma is my uncle” by , R. Mustafayev , C. Mammadov, "Murad” at "When fates come together” by R. Hajiyev, F. Zohrabov, E. Ojagov, "Police” at "Laugh for 92 minutes” by R.Ahmadzade, "Akif” ” at "The Devil's Anniversary” by O. Rajabov, "Hasangulu Bey” at "If not that one then this one” by U. Hajibayli, "Woodpecker” at "Failed Trick”, "Monster” at "Red Hat”, "Jackal” at "Shangulum,Shungulum,Mangulum” by  O. Zulfugarov, R.Heydar.