Nurmammadova Rasmiyya

Nurmammadova Rasmiyya- daughter of Haji was born in 1965 in Zagatala district. In 1984 she graduated from the Musical Comedy Department of the Azerbaijan State Institute of Art. Since 1989 she has been worked at H. Baghirov's "Criticism-Propaganda" Theater. During her stay there she has played a special role in performances such as: "Goodbye”, "Love game”, "At the top of mountain”, "Bribe”. R. Nurmammadova has been closely involved in many concert programs, in the frontline. She was set up to the position of soloist-vocalist at Musical Comedy Thathre named after Sh.Gurbanov in 1996. The actress acted in the role of "Minura” at "Caliphate for an hour” by R. Shafag, A. Shaig, "Lala” at "Keep your hands in your pocket” by O.Rajabov, A.Babayev, "Gandab, Chichak” at "Have bachelors” by Suleyman Alasgarov, Isi Malikzadeh, "Jeyran” at "Everyone’s own star” by S.Alasgarov, I.Malikzadeh, "Nazifa” at "Crazy World”  by O. Kazimov, F. Mammadov, "Fanara” at "Goodbye” by E Sabitoglu, R. Ahmedzadeh, "Afa” at "Love on the stage” by S.Farajov, A.Amirli, "Nilufer” ” at "Baydulla’s amazing wedding” by R. Akbar, "Jamiya” at "The Devil's Anniversary” by O. Rajabov, A. Babayev, "Rabbit” at "Failed trickle” by R. Shafag. A.Samedli, "Fox” at "Red Hat” by E.Sabitoghlu, Y.Shvarch, "Fox” at "Shungulum, Shengulum, and Mangulum” by O. Zulfugarov and R.Heydar, "Jeyran” at "Love game” by J.Guliyev, G.Rasulov, "Leyla” at "Jealous Hearts" by R. Mirishli, M.Hagverdiyev, ”Shohrat, Arab Zangi” ” at "Mother of Seven Prisoners” by J. Guliyev, A. Amirli, "Sevda” at "Whereas I am old, I am worth to thousand young” by F. Sudjaddinov and T. Valiyeva, "Broadcaster” at "There is a maniac in the city” by S.Farajov and A.Nesin, "Sister of Zaur” at "Banker Fiancé” by E.Sabitoghlu, T.Valiyeva, "Countess Irina”  at "Countess Maritza” by E.Kalman.