Zalieva Mehriban

Zalieva Mehriban –daughter of Asgarali was born on October 12, 1977 in Baku. In 2002 she was accepted the Solo-Singing faculty of the Baku Music Academy and graduated in 2006.  She was hired as actress-vocalist by Azerbaijan Musical Comedy Theatre in 2006.She has played in the several roles at the various peformances. She was "Sabina” at "Jealous Hearts” by R. Mirishli, M.Hagverdiyev, and "Fagan” at "The fraudsters” by S.Alasgarov, I.Malikzadeh, "Musician Girl” at "Love on the stage” by S.Farajov, A.Amirli, "Lale” at "Keep your hands in your pocket” by O.Rajabov, "Shohrat and Gudrat”  at "Mother of Seven Prisoners” by J. Guliyev, A. Amirli, "Asya” at "Arshin Mal Alan” by U.Hajibayli, "Female Fox” at "Adventures of rainbow mushroom” by R. Shafag, V. Zimin, "Red Hat” at "Wait for a moment, monster” by R. Aghayeva, A.Hayt, "Thumbelina” at "Thumbelina” by H.C.Anderson, "Bim” at "Golden Chicken” by V.Orlov, "Rabbit” at "Red Hat” by E.Sabitoghlu, Y.Shvarch, "Gisinta” at "The Impostures of Scapin” by J.B.Molyer.