Emil Haydarov

Emil Heydarov was born on October 1, 1977, in Baku. He educated school at number 41 from 1984 to 1994.

In 1994, he was accepted into the faculty of "International Finance and Money-Credit Relations" at the Azerbaijan International University.

In 1994, he started work for Azerbaijan State Theatre of Young Spectators. As a talented young person accepted through a competition, he worked in the "Merdenli" studio for a while, playing the role of the “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Birthday Princesses", " The adventures of Donald” and “Crocodile Gena and Cheburashka”.

From 2007 to 2011, he studied at the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts in the "Directing" faculty.

In 1997, he was invited to the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater (formerly known as the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater) by the late artist and renowned cinema and theater actor People's Artist Hajibaba Bagırov. The theater director on the competition jury, along with Honored Art Worker Nazim Hacıjialibayli, praised his voice acting and acting skills.

Since then, Emil Heydarov has been a talented actor works in the Musical Theater. He played the role of a Wolf in the play "Red riding hoot" (Emin Sabitoglu), a frog in "Thumbelina" (Hans Christian Anderson), and various other characters in plays like "One day you are Baghdad" (Emin Sabitoglu).

  He has played numerous roles in different plays, including “Thief of Baghdad” in "Silva" (İmre Kalman) Boni in " Countess Maritza " (İmre Kalman) Zupan in " Die Bajadere " (İmre Kalman) Napoleon and " Gipsy Princess " (İmre Kalman) , Gaston in "Silva" (İmre Kalman) Bonifast Konislavu in "The merry window" (Frans Leqar) Baron Zetta in "A tale of two jugs" (Ali Alizada), “Kashchey the Deathless”, “Fyodor”, Wolf in "Well, wolf, wait" (Rana Agayeva),  Samad in " When destinies meet " (Rauf Hajiev) , Monfler in "Uncanny Gascon”də (Gara Garaev), Le Bre, Count De Gich, Robert " Let’s play friendly family or side dish in French” (Mark Kamoletti), Scapin " The Tricks of Scapin” (J.B. Molier) and etc.

He has created unique characters that are always appreciated by the audience.

Their roles in this play can also be added to their list:

Globe in "The Little Prince" (Ruslan Agababaev, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry) , Babirli " Caucasian niece " (Rauf Hajiev), Shahmar Karimov " Believe in my singing ” (Polad Bulbuloglu, Michael Sherbachenko) , Boss "Lara Martin's Jazz Club" (Aleksandr Ostrovski), ) Yuli Gusman "Don’t be afraid, we are with you" (Polad Bulbuloglu, Yelana İsaeva) and etc.


Emil Heydarov has been actively participating in various state events and gala concerts. "It’s impossible to live in the world without women!" named gala appeared on stage in different characters.

In 2002, Emil Heydarov founded a small theater group called " My Theater". Both the Azerbaijan and Russia branches of the group stage various shows for children under the slogan "Journey to the World of Fairy Tales" during New Year and Novruz holidays every year.

Emil Heydarov also performs as a showman, host, and vocal artist in various concerts and has been delighting young theater audiences with the image of Santa Claus at events organized by the Russian Embassy for many years.

We would love to mention that, Emil Heydarov has received multiple "Best Male Actor of the Year" awards from the Musical Theater, as well as honorary decrees from the The Ministry of Culture of Azerbaijan Republic and the Theater Workers Union in different years.