Mirzaliyev Moyla

Mirzaliyev Moyla – son of Vali was born on October 24, 1959 in the village of Lambali of Western Azerbaijan. He studied at the secondary school of the same village in 1966-1976 years. Between 1978-1980 he was in the army. In 1980 he was admitted to the "Musical Comedy Acting” of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Art named after M. Aliyev. He was set to the Azerbaijan State Academic Opera and Ballet Theater named after M.Akhundov in 1985. He worked as a choir singer till 1992. He became an actor at the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater in 1992. During the time working in the theatre he was in the role "Saftar” at "It is our matter” by Suleyman Alasgarov, Shikhali Gurbanov, "Nadir” at "Bride for 5 pounds” by . Rustamov, M.S.Ordubadi, "Rahim” at "Gold Wedding” by Oktay Kazimov, Ramiz Heydar, "Shohrat” at "Everyone has his own star” by S.Alasgarov, I.Malikzadeh, "Qasham” at "Keep your hands in your pocket” by O.Rajabov, A.Babayev, "Muggadasov” at "Lover with Volga” by R.Mustafayev, A.Gudrat, "Shvars” at "Love on the stage” by S.Farajov, A.Amirli, "Malik” at "If you get your share call your uncle” by V.Adigozalov, Anar, "Zaur” at "Banker Fiancé” by E.Sabitoghlu, T.Valiyeva, "Balash” ” at "When fates come together” by R.Hajiyev, "Kalantar” at "Baydulla’s amazing wedding” by R. Akbar, "Alpanah” at "Crazy World” by O. Kazimi, F. Mammadov, "Dursunoy” at  "There is a maniac in the city” by S.Farajov and A.Nesin, "Estragon” at "The Gypsy Princess” by E.Kalman, "Starikov” at "Don’t marry” by N.V.Gogol, "Kabla Gubad” at "Husband and Wife” by U.Hajibayli.