Povelitsina Nadejda

Povelitsina Nadejda – daughter of Vladimir was born on September 29, 1953 in Baku. In 1971 she graduated from 11-year musical school violin class, and in 1977 graduated from the vocal class of the Baku Music Academy. Since 1976 she works as soloist-vocalist at the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater. Her debut was on May 16, 1976 in the role of "Liza” at "Maritsa” operettas by E.Kalman. She was "Zari and Yulishka” at "The Gypsy Band Leader” by E.Kalman, "Natavan” at "Caucasian Prisoner” by Rauf Hajiyev, "Ermengarde” at "Hello Dolly” by J.Herman, "Stassi” at "The Gypsy Princess” by E.Kalman, "Tamilla” at "Mom, I am going to marry” by Rauf Hajiyev, "Telli” at "Arshin mal alan” by U.Hajibayli, "Valentina” at "The Merry Widow” by Franz Lehar, ”Mariette” at "The Yankee Princess” by E.Kalman, "Maritza” at "Countess Maritza” by E.Kalman, "Antonia” at "A man of La  Mancha” by Mitch Leigh, "Gulchatay” at "White Sun of the desert” by R.Ibragimbekov, "Adel” at "Mouse in the house of Johan” by Johan Strauss, "Anna” at "Crossroad” by Rauf Hajiyev, "Zulfiyya”  at "The last lover of Nasedina” by A. Kolker, V Kantstantinova and B. Rachera, "Zuleykha” at "Once upon a time in Baghdad” by E.Sabitoghlu, "Gypsy Maritsa” at  "Maritsa” by E.Kalman, "Mother” at "Red Hat” by E.Sabitoghlu, "Podshipa” at "The Grandee” by I.Krylov, "Grandma,Naf-naf”  at "Just wait” by Rena Aghayeva, ”Wife of sales man” at "Malikmammad’s adventures” by A.Mirza,Z.Farhadov, "Rijik”  at "Adventures of rainbow mushroom” by R. Shafag, V. Zimin, "Nerina” at "The Impostures of Scapin” by J.B.Molyer. The actress represented the thathre at the III International Festival in Minsk in 1982. She has been working at the Azerbaijan State Conservatory for 30 years at the Department of Concertmaster. She also teaches vocal concertmaster lessons at Asaf Zeynally Music College. She takes part in concerts in the Kopelhauses. In 2013, she was awarded the Honorable Worker medal by Tourism and Culture Ministry.