Khasiyev Nadir

Khasiyev Nadir son of Shanba was born on December 24, 1961 in Aghsu region. N. Khasiyev graduated from the Musical Comedy Actor faculty of the Art Institute in 1984 and in 1998; he graduated from the vocal department of the Baku Music Academy named after Hajibayov. He was invited to the Azerbaijan State Musical Comedy Theater in 1993 after being an actor at Sumgait State Musical Drama Theater. He acted in the role of "Fagan” ” at "Have bachelors” by Suleyman Alasgarov, Isi Malikzadeh, "Azar” at "Gold Wedding” by O. Kazimov, R. Heydar, "Gulu” at " Young at Fifty years old” by Z.Hajibayov, "Sarvar Hasangulu Bey and Rustam Bey”  at "If not that one then this one” by U.Hajibayli, "Ramazan”  at "My Cheerful Heart”  by Emin Sabitoghlu, Khalida Hasilova, "Alibaba” at "Everyone has his own star”  by S. Alasgarov, I. Malikzadeh, "Rustam” at "Love on the stage” by S.Farajov, A.Amirli,  "Mursal” at  "Good-bye” by Emin Sabitoghlu, Rufat Ahmadzade, "Stubborn Tahir”  at "Man of the man” by V. Adigozalov, Anar, "Jamal” at " Love game” by E. Sabitoghlu, R. Ahmedzadeh, "Gaynar” at "Lover with Volga” by R.Mustafayev, A.Gudrat, "Emil” at "Jealous Hearts" by R. Mirishli, M.Hagverdiyev,  "Senator”  at "Beggar son of millionaire Father”  by  S. Alasgarov, Sh.Gurbanov, "Haji Nuri” at "Kimyager” by S. Karimi, E.Ol. Khasiyev was awarded with the title of "Honored Culture Worker” medal by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in 2013