Jabrayil Jabrayilov

Jabrayilov Jabrayil  (son of Ziyadkhan) was born on January 2, 1979, in Baku. In 1985-96, he studied at secondary school No. 158, then studied drumming at secondary specialized music school No. 22.
As a member of the ensemble of folk instruments "Shalala" at the House of Culture named after Ibrahim Abilov, he performed at many events, as well as at concert programs in the front regions, and was awarded diplomas for this.


For some time, he was engaged in "Karate" type sport, participated in competitions, and achieved success. In 2000, he graduated from the "Musical Theater Actor" faculty of the "Theatre and Cinema Art" department of the Azerbaijan State University of Culture and Arts.
In 1999, he was admitted to the choir of the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater. After completing his military service in 2000-2001, he started working in the theater again. While working in the choir collective, he played the main and episodic roles in several plays.
He took part in "Hand in Pocket" as a bandit, "A trick that doesn't work", "Jackal" in "Naughty Chaps", "Crazy Gasconian" in "The 2nd Guardsman" and other plays.

Since 2012, he has been working as a drummer in the Said Rustamov folk instrument orchestra of the Azerbaijan State Television and Radio, participating in various state events and television filming.
  Jabrayil, who returned to the Academic Musical Theater as a choral artist in 2015 after a short break, has continued his work as an actor-vocalist since 2021.

He played the driver in the play "Baladadash's Wedding Bath", the Jackal in "The Trick That Doesn't work", Jackal in "Naughty Chap", the Monster in "The Red Hat", Karabas-Barabas in "Buratino", Kontrabas in "Bakhtiyar" and episodic roles in other plays.
He has appeared in some TV movies.
Also, his father Ziyadkhan Jabrayilov also worked at the Musical Theater for a long time.