Karimov Ali

Ali (son of Sabir) Karimov was born on April 29, 1991 in Baku. In 2013, he graduated from the faculty of solo singing at the Baku Music Academy named after Uzeyir Hajibayli. In 2011, he joined the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater as a choral artist. As a choir artist participated in performances - "If not that one then this one", "Arshin mal alan", "Husband and wife", "999th night", "American groom", "Banker fiancé ", "Whereas I am old I am worth a thousand young people", "Nuri-dida Jeyhun", "Once in Baghdad", "Caucasian niece", "Jealous hearts", "Golden wedding", "When fates meet", "One day before the wedding" etc.


Ali Karimov has been transferred to the acting troupe of the theater since 2021. He is in the plays - Gypsy boy and gangster ("Dedication to Paris Notre-Dame" by V. Hugo, staged by S. Gulamov), Doctor ("Once in Baghdad" by E. Sabitoglu, V. Kolmanovski), Gulmammad ("Whereas I am old I am worth a thousand young" , F. Sujaddinov, T. Valiyeva), Bom ("The Golden Chick", V. Ulyanovsk, V. Orlov), Murad ("When Fates Meet", R. Hajiyev), 4th Dwarf ("Sleeping Beauty and Dwarves", Sh. Pero, staged by A. Sadigov), Fadail and Abbasov ("One breath", S. Gulamov), Donkey ("Bremen musicians and Pen" A. Sadigov), Baladadash and Azizaga ("Baladadash's wedding bath", F. Allahverdi, Elchin), played the roles of Mangulum ("Naughty Creeps" by O. Zulfugarov, R. Heydar)


The theater's leadership recommends the membership of Ali Sabir Karimov in the Azerbaijan Theater Workers Union.