The premiere at the Academic Musical Theater – “My Woman”

On 25 January at 19:00 the premiere of the play "My Woman" based on the work of the renowned Turkish writer and playwright Tuncer Cucenoglu, "Matryoshka," will take place at the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater.

The founding director of the scene work presented as a musical lyrical-psychological melodrama is the recipient of the President's Awardee, Irada Gozalova, and the literary director is the Honored Culture Figure, Ph. D. in Arts studies Aligismat Lalayev.

The plot of the performance revolves around the passionate struggle of two lovers, filled with love and passion, as they fight for their own emotions until the end.

Will it be a happy love story or the next tragedy? Those who witness this deeply philosophical play will find it out....

In "My woman" featuring live performances of Turkish retro music, the young actors of the theater, President's Prize winner Amrah Dadashov and Gultaj Alili  and theater's choir participate.

The choreography of the play is by Honored Artist Nigar Shahmuradova, who will also perform as an actress.

The founding painter of the performance is Vusal Rahim, the choirmaster is Malahat Gasimova, the music arrangement is by Amrah Dadashov, and the video visuals prepared by Murad Hasanov.

Tickets can be purchased from all central ticket offices in the city, "ASAN service" centers, and also through the "İ" website. Group orders are also accepted.

Date: 12.01.2024