Magical Song

The musical performance "Magical Song" reveals the connection between mother and child as one of the main ties in the life of every person. The boy, the protagonist of the play, does not want to grow up. He sees monsters everywhere, he is afraid of everything unknown and dreams of continuing to sleep in his baby cradle. In a dream, he finds himself in a fairy-tale world, the world of his fears and fantasies. As the fairy tale unfolds, fantastic encounters and difficult trials await him. And the boy will certainly cope with everything. After all, even in a dream, the mother’s voice sounds next to him, warming him with her love. The mother's lullaby becomes a guiding star on the child's fabulous path.

In a dream, the hero encounters good and evil fairy-tale characters: the wise bird Simurgh, the treacherous Gulyabani, the evil Giant, the clever Jertan, the Moon and the Star who are in love with each other. At the very beginning of the dream, the boy meets a horse, who will become his true friend, and they embark on a journey together. Meeting each hero is a step on the way to growing up. Evil characters make the boy bolder, and good ones awaken in him a desire to help, a sense of compassion and mercy. All meetings of the boy are filled with music and dances, that create a magical atmosphere of a fairy tale.

On his dreamy fairy tale journey the boy is accompanied by Aksakal, who not only plays the role of an old storyteller, but also personifies the boy himself in his old age. Thanks to the connection of the protagonist with the narrator, it becomes clear that the boy will live a long life and gain real wisdom. At the end of the dream, the boy conquers all his fears, grows up and becomes more independent. At the end of the performance, the boy feels that he is ready to take responsibility for another living creature and becomes the owner of the horse.

"Magical Song" performance is a poetic story of life’s journey, in which the main purpose is to understand yourself, to overcome your fears and and to move forward.








Magical Song     




Anton Morozov


Diana Hajiyeva


Max Petrov

Set and costume designer

Alina Korytova


Polina Korotych

Lighting designer

Konstantin Binkin

Chief Conductor

Fakhraddin Atayev (Honored art figure)


Samad Suleymanli


Kamil Hasanov

Assistant Director

Afar Tagiyeva

Literary translator

Ayten İsmikhanova

Folk consultant

Farhad Farzali

Folk consultant

Mariya Nazarova

Author of the idea and creative director

Victoria Motornyuk

Art Director

Miroslava Bayda

Creative Producer

Anastasiia Shevchenko

Executive producer

Elizaveta Liubimova


The performance features an arrangement of the lullaby «Laylay».


Zakir Bagirov


Bakhtiar Vahabzade




Gulnara Abdullayeva

The boy

Zaur Aliyev, Kamran Hasanov

The boy’s friends

Aynura Asgarova (ballet dancer), Mehraj Talibzade (ballet dancer)


Alakbar Aliyev (honoured artist), Igrar Salamov


Adelin Ozturk, Nigar Qarayeva

The blue children

Aynura Asgarova (ballet dancer), Mehraj Talibzade (ballet dancer)

The Horse

Huseyn Alili, Murad Aliyev


Ulviya Aliyeva, Ophelia Novruzgizi


Ali Karimov, Hidayat Aliyev

The Star

Fatima Valiyeva (choir artist)

The Crescent

Elshad Gasimov (choir artist)

Ballet dancers

Yaqub Bəhramov, Roman Krasnov, Mahammad Abdullayev, Anar Abdullayev, Elvira Azizova, Anna Jabbarova, Matanat Rajabli, Cəmilə Mansurova

With the participation of the orchestra of the Azerbaijan State Academic Musical Theater.